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Emission reducer, the new fuel additive.
  • You stress at the thought of the next technical inspection
  • You burn with shame when during the overtaking maneuver you leave behind a black cloud of smoke, revealing the condition of your vehicle.
  • You believe that poisoning the air is poisoning yourself and your loved ones
  • You drive a vehicle with a cut DPF, your car smokes black, and you wonder what to do about it?
SmogStoper is extremely effective in dramatically reducing particulate matter (PM) emissions. SmogStoper lowers the ignition temperature of soot and carbon deposits from the engine, resulting in a soot-burning, system-cleaning effect in city traffic similar to a highway ride.
SmogStoper increases fuel efficiency by allowing higher molecular weight hydrocarbons to burn more completely. These heavier, slower-burning molecules are characteristic of higher-sulfur diesel fuels, which are major contributors to soot emissions, forming carbon deposits on piston heads, rings and exhaust components.
SmogStoper partially replaces the catalytic coating on DPFs that oxidizes over time. It allows the restored passive regeneration of the DPF to extend the interval of costly active filter regenerations.
Soot alone (without support) burns at temperatures above 550°C, while the typical temperature of diesel exhaust gases is in the range of 200-400°C. The combustion catalyst used in SmogStoper reduces the soot ignition temperature to temperatures reached during normal operation.
The active catalyst in the preparation are iron compounds. During their combustion with fuel an active form of catalyst is created, which eliminates soot already at the stage of its creation.
The mechanism of catalytic soot oxidation is a very complex process. In the first stage of the oxidation reaction, metal oxide nanoparticles are absorbed on the surface of the soot particles. Then, at the temperature of the exhaust gas, a redox reaction takes place where the soot is oxidized to carbon monoxide and the metal is reduced to its lower oxidation state.
Immediate results: End users report an immediate reduction in soot and smoke in the exhaust. Other benefits include increased horsepower, quieter, smoother engine operation (less engine vibration) and no carbon buildup on internal engine parts.
Manufacturer Otomatic recommends that SmogStoper exhaust and fuel cleaner be used every three months to maintain optimal performance.
For more information at: http://www.smog-stoper.pl/
Packaging: 150ml.
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